Travel like a local through the suburbs of Adelaide

If you’ve ever visited Adelaide for the sole reason of sightseeing you may have been confronted by locals with this common reaction:

“Adelaide? Why would you ever want to come here?”

Even I have become accustomed to parroting that exact response. Of course, locals who have grown up and lived in little ol’ Radelaide (Note the ‘rad’) no longer see much of the excitement that Adelaide can bring. Ask any local and they’ll give you the same old tourist tips - Glenelg, Hahndorf, Mount Lofty, Rundle Mall? (it’s a just a mall?!)The best way to feel like a local? Live like one by taking a trip out of the CBD and into the suburbs.

Best pizza ‘round here

[Rostrevor Pizzeria - Rostrevor SA]

How far do you need to travel to get a scrumptious pizza triple the size of the four heads who are going to eat it? Just a few suburbs out of the city in Rostrevor. This area is heavily populated by Italian communities who are always keen to share their cuisine.

“Um excuse me, is this local?”

Adelaide Farmers’ Market

[Wayville Showground, Wayville SA]

Best way to disguise yourself as a local? Ask in every restaurant you go to “is this sourced from local ingredients?” . Come on, try it. You can do it for almost anything, wine, chicken, beef, broccoli, cheese… the possibilities are endless! Don’t take my tone as ironic though, I genuinely acknowledge South Australia’s produce sourcing as something to be proud of. If you want to see SA’s agricultural community in action, the Farmer’s Market is the best place to be.

Become one with nature

[Mount Crawford]

Mount Crawford is compiled of hilly terrain and pine forested views perfect for day trips, picnics. Bring a tent and stay the night if you’re up for battling whatever surprises of nature may bring.

Taste the best

[Penfold Winery]

The last time I travelled out of Australia I was surprised to notice many of the wines were outsourced from SA. Barossa Valley is the big talk in SA wineries. But if you’re not a big traveller, or just don’t want to spend a measly hour travelling back from your wine tour, there are closer wineries hidden in the Eastern Suburbs.

Spot the cuties for no cost

[Belair National Park]

No, you don't have to succumb to the consumerist tourist tendencies of paying for an up and close Koala encounter. Just travel out to Belair National Park, walking stick, sunscreen, water and company at the ready and go on your own hunt. Hunt to observe of course, nothing else mate.

My very own (handpicked) cherry pie

[Cherryville Road, Cherryville SA]

I came across the Adelaide cherry farms like the true local I am. I went for a hills drive one day like all the locals do (take note) and the sign to Cherryville Road caught me. Cherries are a delicacy. Being able to walk in a myriad of cherry trees? Absolute bliss. Take advantage of the season right now as cherries only come into season for a few months each year.Pair this experience with a take home cherry pie (along with the many cherries you will sneak as you pick). No food guilt either as this fruit is packed with antioxidants (!)

Culture in Adelaide

[Main South Road - Sellicks Hill]

Nobody goes to Australia, to Adelaide of all places to see a large Buddha scraping the horizon. But the world is full of surprises, even in the suburbs of Adelaide. Take a drive to Main South Road down to Sellicks beach and you’ll witness not only a car full of awes and wows at view, but you’ll also witness Buddha’s presence from the Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple.

Nifty thrifting in the hills

[Adelaide Hills]

You can only call yourself a true fashionista if you appreciate the qualities of thrifting. And thrifting has to be cheap. The best intel into thrifting in Adelaide isn’t the obvious “go to savers!”. No, it’s hidden past the luscious trees up the South Eastern Freeway in the Adelaide Hills. Head to inner Hahndorf, Stirling and Mount Barker and keep an eye out for dusty mannequins with complementing dusty shopkeepers behind small counters. Items you find exude ‘retro’, and only take as much of a financial toll as the cost of getting there.

Fun fact: Adelaide has the highest rate of restaurants per capita than any other Australian restaurants. More variety of places to eat? Yes of course! If you do find yourself back in the city centre of Adelaide, where’s the best place to go that feels like home?

Social Street S2!

See you there sometime <3