Cause for Celebration - 2018 Academy *SPOILER* Awards

The 90th Academy Awards (AKA the Oscars) just passed our television and phone screens this weekend. Despite my undeserved self proclamation of being a relatively informed movie fanatic, I did not realise the event had occurred, or even know of about 80% of the nominated movies. So, to redeem myself and inform you on the fine art of current cinema, here’s a run down of the nominated movies. I'm going to host my own mini Academy Awards right here, right now. It'll all be up to my own interpretation of how appealing the trailers look. Grab yo headset. Grab yo microwave popcorn. Don't grab yo ADHD meds, cause with these short snippets you won't need them.


2018 Academy TRAILER REVIEW Awards

Here’s a list of a few movies that sparked my interest and why: I’ll let you know, I haven’t seen these movies yet but I’ll indicate reasons for their appeal. This isn’t Kirrily being a movie critic, it’s more a communication of what these particular trailers make me feel and how inclined they'd make me to watch the full length film. When I was younger I’d spend an abnormal amount of time (a couple of hours on end) just browsing IMdB. I built up quite a collection of films on my lil iPod. Not of films I’d watched, films that I’d want to watch. The instant excitement that mashing the best bits of a feature film into it’s own lil ‘feature’ film of 2.5% of the running time got me. Maybe because for some of the movies, the excitement of the trailer gave much more enjoyment than the actual disappointment of the film itself. (ooft).


Call Me by Your Name

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Starring: Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet

Coming of age? Set in the 80s in Italy? Unconventional love story? Seems to check all my boxes so far. The characters seem to have that aura about them (I guess you'd call it depth?!) which makes viewers yearn for the experiences and internal challenges they go through. The film seems to primarily capture individual feelings, maybe desire and confusion in particular? A movie that is able to express the complexities of person's internal feelings is always key.


Darkest Hour

Director: Joe Wright

Starring: Gary Oldman, Lily James

A movie based on historical events (yeah I like those), a warning of the film promoting tobacco consumption (history really changes things wow). This trailer feels extremely fast paced, yet already lets us in on the *frustration* of poor old Winston. I can already sense that Gary Oldman won't be breaking out into any smiles for this movie. The trailer feels, well... typical. Key lines are mixed with power-filed music, fitting it into the "epic movie" formulated category. Yeah the formula works, but the over hype of it all could be making up for the lack of plot and character depth.



Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy

I'm not usually a fan of these action combat kind of movies, but looking at those three starring actors... hmm.. maybe I could make some exceptions? So if there were to be any labelling of the before mentioned "epic" film, I think this would be it. But refreshingly, the film seems to package itself in a more humbling and subtle manner. The use of the set with the ocean and machinery is appealing in its Christopher Nolan way. The British troops' perspective over Nom #3's people in power of WWII seems a little more to the ground. It continues on the legacy and remembrance of the suffering that millions of troops did go through.


Get Out

Director: Jordan Peele

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya

I'm 4/9ths in and I think I've found my possible movie match. I do like horror, but I think every trailer ruins it a little for me. It's like that one time I saw The Witch without any idea what it was about. It made the twists and turns all that more unsuspecting and greater. (take that as a lesson from Kirrily). The music fits perfectly with this taster. It feels like a horror movie you can straight up laugh at from the hysteria and freakiness -- perfect. It feels that Peele intended it to be that way, making it even better executed. Only problem is that now I've seen this trailer I definitely won't get as much satisfaction from watching it, dammit.


Lady Bird

Director: Greta Gerwig <3 <3

Starring: Saoirse Ronan

Who doesn't love a good relatable movie? Coming of age? Snappy, quirky young girl with a cool accent? I think what will shine through in this movie is the character Lady Bird herself. It's something Gerwig seems to do well.


Phantom Thread

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Vicky Krieps

This film focuses on the internal workings and insecurities Day-Lewis' character holds and how that influences his relationships. I see possibility for great character depth in this, along with the mystery of the phantom thread? For some reason I thought this movie was merely about the dressmaker hiding little notes... a mystery we must uncover by viewing. It seems to have potential to be one of those films you just lose yourself in.


The Post

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks

The P E N T A G O N papers oooooohhh... watergate scandal ooooh.. I think I'd watch this movie for Meryl Streep and not much else. Unlike the other films, there's no real mystery or depth of plot from what the trailer tells me. Yet another hyped up "epic" of people risking their careers to reveal the truth? The fight between the whistleblowers and the big bad government? The trailer seemed to be stuck in a loop with expressing the plot of the movie because maybe there isn't enough there to show.


The Shape of Water

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

Starring: Sally Hawkins

I've got to admit my bias here and confess that I have actually seen this movie, full length and all. For the purpose of these trailer awards I'll just have to push any recollection I have of the film aside.

And I've got to say... Eggcellent trailer. The mixing of the soundtrack with the shots works oh so well in sync. And the costume/set design appeals very well.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Director: Martin McDonagh

Starring: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson

I'm going to put this in the "outcast fighting for a cause" genre. It seems (by the underlying humour and feel-good soundtrack) that this is an expression of how someone relates to a tragedy, McDonagh doing this without continuously sympathising for the character. But we all know we do and we will end up caring even further by the end of the film.

So what conclusions have I come to from these mini-trailer awards that have just taken place? Probably the conclusion that I'll be spending more of my free time invested in movies rather than meandering about as I usually do. I guess the trailers did their job then? Appealed, attracted and make an impression.

And the winner of - Trailer Critic Kirrily's 2018 Academy Trailer Review Awards goes to...

For being a pretty enticing trailer. Much so that I wish I'd never even watched it.


Not just for that Italian view

Film awards are for everyone. The film lovers view for the obvious, the celebrity crushers view to see their favs on the reddy (red carpet- new slang coined by me), the fashionistas admire the latest tooey banco or marc gebert threads, even the pop culture haters may find a guilty interest in mocking the latest up and coming child actor. They’re a great unification of the universal interest in film and pop culture in our massively western culture (and beyond). Why should we gaf though? We have better things to do than hype up these already ego-boosted millionaire actor brats multiple times each year. But no, it’s not a waste, it’s merely a cause of celebration, which everyone needs. Birthdays are a cause for celebration, weddings, anniversaries, even funerals. They’re all a chance to offer up recognition for the milestones we pass and the successes we achieve with all our hard tiresome effort. And celebrations, especially these film awards all simmer (just like that tom kha) down to recognition.

Maybe when the Nobel Prize Awards roll up this December I’ll be on that like a sly bat with thin spectacles, ballpoint pen and a journalists’ notepad in hand ready to recognise those great achievements...

Thanks for reading.


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