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Herbs and spices are mixed and refined to create the perfect balance of Thai flavours. The right amount of salty, sweet, spicy and sour taste is crucial in all of our S2 Thai dishes. We combine fresh herbs and spices to make tasty pastes for our green curry, red curry and yellow tofu curry. We blend the freshest herbs and seasoning sauces to make the sharp S2 pla sauce for our pla salads. Here's a guide to our essential Thai seasoning sauces, spices and fresh herbs so next time you enjoy your favourite S2 dish, you can enjoy the complex tastes of the combined flavours and revel in the excellent health benefits.


This is how we balance the flavours of salty, sweet, spicy and sour

Fish Sauce - Nam Blah

This sauce is made from fermented fish of the small variety. The salty flavour make it a great substitute for dishes requiring a salty balance.

Soy Sauce - See-eu Khao

Soy sauce is made from soy beans. It is used for adding salty flavour to dishes, and works best with our S2 drunken noodles.

Oyster Sauce - Nam Mann Hoy

Oyster sauce is made from soy sauce and oyster extract combined together. It is tasty in Thai stir-fries as it enhances the flavours of the fresh noodles, meat and vegetables.

Sugar - Nam Tarn

We all need a little bit of sugar in our life. Our S2 Thai dishes especially. A small amount of sugar is used to balance the flavour of dishes.

Palm Sugar - Nam Taan Peep

Palm sugar differs to refined sugar in delivering a fuller flavour. It is used in Thai desserts like our S2 coconut sticky rice and our S2 summer lemon drink.

Vinegar - Nam Som Sai Choo

Vinegar adds the sour aspect of the flavour balance to the Thai dish. Fermented vinegar is commonly used in Thai cooking.

Shrimp Paste - Kra Pi

Shrimp paste has a deep flavour that enhances Thai stir-fries and curry pastes. It is made from ground up shrimp mixed with salt seasoning.


Spices add the multilayered flavour palate to our Thai dishes with great health benefits as well

Cardamom - Look Gra Wan

Cardamom has a citrus tone with a mild spicy taste and strong aroma. It is a digestion aid and is known to treat colds, fevers, bronchitis and liver issues.

Cinnamon - Ob-Chuey

Cinnamon holds a spicy sweet flavour and best complements sweet desserts. It is a digestion aid and can even treat gastrointestinal problems.

Cloves - Karn Plu Cloves are dried flowers of the evergreen tree. They deliver a powerful flavour for massaman curries and meaty dishes. They can relieve flatulence and aid digestion.

Coriander Seeds - Look Pak Chee

Coriander seeds pack a powerful punch of sharp, citrus-like flavour to enhance flavours in our curry pastes. They are very aromatic and also aid digestion.

Cumin -Yee Rah

Cumin seeds are similar in appearance to caraway and fennel seeds. They hold a spice-like, peppery flavour perfect for curry pastes. They hold antioxidant properties.

Nutmeg - Look Junt

Nutmeg has a warm, nutty, spicy kick to it. It has a similar aroma to cinnamon. For us it's best used in Massaman curries.

Star Anise - Pol Kak

This spice is pretty in shape and tastes pretty good in soups too. Star anise has a sweet hint to it with a strong fennel-like liquorice taste.


There's a reason Thai cooking herbs and roots taste so rich and flavoursome, they're packed with healthy vitamins and antioxidants!

Thai Basil - Ho Ra Pa

Where would Thai be without basil!? Basil holds anti-inflammatory properties and much of the well-need vitamin A. Our stores pack enormous amounts of Thai basil everyday to use in our S2 Basil Stir-fry, S2 Phat Krapow Moo Saab and our S2 curries.

Bay Leaves - Bai Kra Wan

Bay leaves can be used in Thai cooking fresh or dried. Add them to our S2 Thai Green Curry as a whole leaf. It's important to take the leaves out before serving.

Kaffir Lime Leaves - Bai Ma Krood

Kaffir Lime Leaves hold a citrus punch. They're perfect for adding a tarty sour taste to our S2 Tom Kha Soups.

Coriander - Phat Chi

Coriander is rich in iron and antioxidants. We add coriander to our S2 Tom Yum Soup for a flavour-filled balance and as garnish on top.

Lemongrass - Ta Krai

Lemongrass is a refreshing citrus root that balances out any heavy flavours. We add lemon grass to our S2 Pla Salads and S2 Tom Yum soups.

Galangal - Khaa

Galangal is a root from the same family as ginger. It holds a strong, tangy flavour perfect for our S2 Tom Kha soup and S2 Tom Yum Soup. It can aid symptoms of nausea and even help respiratory issues.

Hopefully by now you're more aware of the many tasty components of our S2 dishes and can enjoy the knowledge of the health benefits of these tasty spices, herbs and roots. We'll see you soon! At Social Street S2 - 174A Hutt Street Adelaide, and S2 on Flinders - 264 Flinders Street Adelaide.

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