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Wine is a wonderful accompaniment to a nice meal out. But we all know it can be daunting to sit down at a restaurant and be faced with the decision to choose from a list of names. There's a reason why food and wine sounds like it's suited just like bread n' butter. If chosen with thought, your wine and food can bring out the best flavours in each other. Want the perfect beginner's guide to food and wine pairings? Read on...

There's a basic rule that's easy to remember to start your food and wine pairing decision by...

1. White for cheese, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes

2. Red for dark and smoked meats

This wine and food pairing chart is a great tool for understanding the pairings and suitable crossovers.

Here's a run down of the wine blends with various food groups you'd find in restaurant dishes:

For light fish...

...choose a Pinot Gris as the succulent and bursting bright flavours will bring out the flavours

For prawns...

...choose either Sauvignon Blanc or Rose as the fruity undertones will complement the texture and (most probably) garlic flavours of the prawn. Stay away from reds for prawns as they will be too heavy.

For bread-based dishes such as garlic bread or pizza...

...choose a light red blend like CSM (Cabernet, Shiraz and Malbec) to balance the starch-heavy texture and rich flavours



We want you to optimise your wining and dining experience at Social Street S2 and S2 on Flinders. Here's a guide to our S2 favourites and recommendations on dishes that make the perfect pairing.


Bleasdale Pinot Gris

Region: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Vintage: 2015

Tasting Notes: Nashi, ginger and rosewater perfume

pair with our...

S2 Sweet Chilli Deep Fried Fish

Deep fried sliced fillet with homemade sweet and sour sauce with a touch of chilli and deep fried basil on top.

S2 Stir-fried Vegetables

Don't let the boring name and side dish status put you off the S2 Stir-fried Vegetables. With the tasty garlic-soy sauce and the freshness of assorted vegetables, this dish deserves a mention of its own. Vegetables include cabbage, carrot, broccoli, fungi and zucchini. The assortment may vary depending on season as we make sure we wok toss only the freshest ingredients.


Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Region: Murray Darling

Tasting Notes: Roasted Almond and Stonefruit

pair with our...

Chu Chee Prawn

Crumbed king prawn with chu chee curry dressing

Roast Duck Curry

Sweet lychee, pineapple, cherry tomato, eggplant with tender slice duck with special red curry sauce

Our sweet chu chee sauce and duck red curry sauce compliments the sweet tones of this Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir. The soft/crunch of the prawns pair well with the bubbles. The two complex meat flavours pair well.


Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Adelaide Hills


Tasting notes: pink grapefruit, aromatic and fresh

pair with our...

Fish Cakes

with cucumber and peanut sweet chilli sauce

S2 Pad Thai

Rice noodle, bean sprout, chive & tofu w. homemade s2 chilli sauce. it has a touch of chilli heat. on side w. chilli powder, crushed peanut & lemon

This Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc promotes a light grapefruit undertone. Its fresh crispness complements our tangy S2 sweet chilli sauce and pad thai sauce excellently. This 'savvy blanc's 'citrus undertones brings out the seafood flavours of the fish.


Langmeil "The Long Mile" Shiraz

Region: Barossa Valley

Vintage: 2016

Tasting notes: Plum, mulberry and peppery notes

S2 Basil Beef

Beef with stir-fried onion, spring onion, capsicum assorted veggies in Thai basil sauce


Pitchfork Moscato

Region: Margaret River, Mount Barker

Tasting notes: hint of lime zest and floral notes

S2 Coconut Sticky Rice

Homemade coconut sticky rice with fresh mango, coconut milk, peanuts and mint


Come in and try!

Social Street S2 - 174A Hutt Street Adelaide

S2 on Flinders - 264 Flinders Street Adelaide

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