South Australia's History Festival 2018

It's heading into May already and it seems Adelaide is settling back into structure and routine as the festivities of the new year and festival season subside. We've spent our last months enjoying the excitement of art and culture. It doesn't have to stop there. For the month of May you can continue enjoying all there is to learn about our wonderful city. South Australia's History Festival is running from 28th April to 31st May this year.

History? Yuck. Give me back the circus and music and dance and everything fun! - some might say. Well, I'm here to spark your enthusiasm in learning the historical roots of our city and state. Learning is undeniably a fun experience, you just have to make it so. There's a wide variety of ways you can participate in this year's history festival. The month-long festivities offer a depth of history from a range of sources like Aboriginal and Torres Islander history, sporting history, fashion history, colonial history,and even food and wine history. Visit a range of venues across South Australia like the Adelaide Hills, the CBD, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges, Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and the Limestone Coast. Events will not render you with boredom - there are talks, guided tours, SELF-guided tours, exhibitions, workshops and performances.

There's excitement this month in places you may have never looked before. Whether you're a youth, history lover, art fanatic, science enthusiast or foodie, there's at least something for you at South Australia's History Festival.

Events for the...

..Kids and the young at heart

A Century of Games!

Langhorne Creek Historic School

Feel like a 19th Century Schoolchild by joining in on the popular children's games of the 1850s to 1950s. You may know some classics like hopscotch, snakes and ladders and dominoes.

Come aboard and explore the 'Falie'

Port Adelaide

A true experience of life on deck. Come aboard Port Adelaide's "Falie" Ship and learn about the setting sail across the seas. Here of the adventures and stories of being a crew member and passenger.

...Astrology enthusiast

A Journey through the Solar System with Paul Curnow

Barr Smith Library

Hear from astrology lecturer Paul Curnow about how we have come to learn about our solar system as we know it today and what the future holds for exploring other planets in our universe.

A Leap Across Time

Marble Hill

How did people tell the time before the invention of the clock? Learn about sundials and old timepieces with historical insight on South Australia's first settlers and their methods on Marble Hill.

...Film buff

A Night at the Silent Movies with the Grand Organ

Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda

Love your films from the silver screen? Enjoy silent classics like works of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton with an epic live organ accompaniment.

...Nature and animal lover

50th Anniversary Exhibition Moorunde Wildlife Reserve

North Adelaide

Hear about the good work of the conservation of Australia's native wildlife and even spot creatures like the Mallee fowl, Wombats, Kangaroos and more.

...Music Lover

A Centenary of Jazz


Step back and follow the chronological progress of Jazz throughout the last 100 years. Listen to live jazz from both local and international artists and experience for yourself how ragtime turned to dixieland to bebop.

Adelaide Tours: City of Music

Adelaide CBD

Did you know Adelaide is accredited as a UNESCO City of Music? Explore the history of Adelaide's music venues that helped budding musicians reach their following and goals through this guided tour.

...Thrill Seeker

Adelaide CBD Ghost Crime Tour

Adelaide CBD

You may think you know the city of Adelaide... but do you know its history? This guided tour is held across the CBD and explores the sites where particular murders and deaths have occured throughout history.

...Art Lover

2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Divided Worlds

Adelaide CBD

An exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, this feature displays the cross of past and future within society and the divide of nature and beauty in our environment.

Adelaide Tours: Colour and Controversy

Adelaide CBD

This is a guided tour through the streets of our city looking at urban art murals and examining particular stories and backlash relating to them at the time they were created.

Murder mystery fan

Adelaide Tours: Somerton Man Mystery

Adelaide CBD

Travel on this guided tour around Adelaide to uncover the 1948 Somerton Man Mystery.

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour and Investigation

Adelaide Gaol, Thebarton

Learn of the prisoners of the historical Adelaide Goal. Be wary of their spirits that continue to haunt the premises! This is for those with a keen interest in the paranormal, as you will come to learn investigative tools to make contact with those still looming the cells.

Alcohol enthusiast

Adelaide Tours: City of Pubs (Twilight Tour)

Adelaide CBD

Experience how generations before us used to drink. Tour the city stopping in on Adelaide's historical pubs and learn about colonial pub culture.

History of Coopers Brewery


Coopers is a thriving brewing company set into South Australia's history. Learn about how Thomas Cooper first established the business and how the family has thrived together to create their products.


From the South of France to Hackney: How the Olive found its way to SA

St Peters

Ever wondered about the history of olives in SA? Yeah, I thought you might have. Learn how olive trees were first planted in SA and how tastes developed from food historian. Olive tastings included.

Lady Buxton: Cooking up a Tale


Lady Buxton kept her treasured recipes in an important cookbook. Come to this on an empty stomach and fill up on tasty food and knowledge of cooking history.

Fashionistas / haberdashery lover

A Stitch in Time

Ayers House Museum

Age of Elegance: Fashionable Living in Victorian Adelaide

Adelaide CBD

This costume exhibition showcases the great threads worn by Adelaide's upper class in the Victorian Era.


Go online to the South Australia History Festival website to browse the many many events. With over 600 events to choose from, it's recommended you refine your search through region, interest and date.

Guided tours of the Adelaide CBD held in English, Chinese, German and Russian are ideal for travellers looking to learn more about Adelaide. Don't forget to stop by Social Street S2 on Hutt Street or S2 on Flinders (Flinders St) while you're in the city for some tasty Thai food.

See you there.

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