Exploring MOD.IFY - Adelaide, South Australia

There's a new exhibition on in Adelaide. You may have heard of it (or more possibly seen it on your facebook pop up ads, thanks Zuckerberg). Titled MOD.IFY: it's not what you know, this UniSA projected exhibition covers two floors with six different galleries. MOD. isn't am art exhibition nor a science museum. Rather it is a mixture of both, infusing technology, science, art. Phenomenons about the world we know... or what we think we know...

I had the opportunity to visit MOD. on 11th May. On the very night it opened (I know, what a keen blogger I am), the exhibition was already full with curious eyes. Friendly staff approached us, ensuring we were informed on how the exhibition was set out. I was taken aback when staff asked us to download an app in order to get the most out of our experience for the first floor's "Prosthetic Reality."

Prosthetic Reality

Download the app: EyeJack and enter the PROSTHETIC REALITY @ MOD. option within. Once you "launch AR" your camera will be opened. Shoot your camera's gaze on one of the many artworks on the wall and watch the already magnificent artworks come to life on your screen.

MOD. is offering an Augmented Reality Masterclass with the creator of 'Prosthetic Reality'; Sutu. On 23rd June 2018, you can come along and learn how to create your own Augmented Reality art. There are only 15 spots available ensuring this experience will be very concentrated and personalised. Find out more about this masterclass here.

Universal Gallery

Follow the herd along the ground floor and you'll come across what looks like a Star Trek space station. As I travelled into this gallery, my head still in circles from the mind boggling and amazing Augmented Reality artworks I'd been viewing, my head continued to travel in a circular motion at the sight of the enormous globe centered in the middle of this space station. Interact with the walls and you'll feel yourself colliding with the knowledge of the makeup of our world, from satellite views all the way out to space itself.

Head upstairs and the excitement continues with the Arcade, Gould Interactive and Futures Gallery designed to entertain and challenge your mind.

To take part in its exhibitions, ensuring you're not only enjoying yourself but taking away key thought-provoking ideas it brings. MOD. incorporates you to immerse yourself in the world it has created through technology, science and most importantly the innovative and creative thinking of the humans behind the ideas.

MOD. is free of costs and is running until November 2018, so head to North Terrace adjacent to Morphett Street Bridge.


12pm-6pm Tues-Thurs

12pm-8pm Fri

10am-4pm Sat-Sun

For more info visit MOD.'s website here

See you there (or see you at Social Street S2)


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